Climbing classes

Stone Moves currently offers a variety of climbing classes to help that developing climber gain the skills and confidence necessary to climb in a safe, efficient, and fun manner. Our classes can be tailored to your specific needs and skillset. Our approach to teaching is ideal for first-time climbers, casual climbers, or experienced gym climbers looking to take their skills to the outdoor climbing arena. We even have a class tailored for the Boy/Girl scout looking to earn that coveted climbing merit badge. If you are looking for the opportunity to develop your climbing skills, look no further.

Stone Moves offers private lessons that are tailored to the climbers’ needs and desires. From climbing technique to climbing outside on your own, it is all possible.

Climbing 101 has been tailored to meet the needs of individuals looking to gain the knowledge of the basic skills and techniques needed to develop an efficient climbing style.

Our lead climbing class is a must have for any gym climber looking to take their newly acquired skills into the outdoor climbing arena. This class focuses on advanced techniques and rope systems required to safely lead climb at all heights and difficulties.

Our BSA merit badge program is an excellent opportunity for your troop to earn that coveted climbing merit badge. Our qualified staff will cover nearly all of the topics required for your scout to earn the badge over the course of a four hour class.