Whether you are looking to learn the basics, improve your technique, or just need some training to send that big project, we have an instructor than can help you reach your goals.

Beginner- Beginner lessons can cover anything from a first time climbing lesson for someone who is wanting to learn how to climb on route and learn basic technique, or a beginner climber who maybe wants to fill in the gaps in the knowledge they’ve learned around the gym or figured out on their own.

Intermediate- Intermediate lessons are for the climber who has got the basic stuff figured out and needs some help taking their climbing to the next level. One of our qualified instructors would be able to work with you to figure out your goals and help with one-on-one climbing sessions, climbing specific workouts, or training programs.

Advanced- Advanced lessons are for the climber than can crush hard on some boulders but might need some outside help for sending a project, or some motivation to get into the gym and train hard with one of our qualified instructors.

Lead/ Sport- Lead climbing lessons are for the climber who wants to learn to lead in an indoor environment so they can apply those skills outdoors. Lessons would teach important skills such as setting gear, clipping, lead belay, and how to properly clean a route once you are done.

Yoga- Yoga lessons are for the person who wants a private session so they can have one-on-one instruction to target specific goals and improve form without rubbing elbows with a class full of yogis.

Reservations must be made 7 days in advance.

Gear rental not included in hourly price. Non-members must purchase a climbing pass.